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Laser hair removal for man and woman. The Laser Studio & Beauty Clinic
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The Laser Studio & Beauty Clinic


What is Laser Hair Removal?

This is a common cosmetic technique to remove unwanted hair and one of the most effective for permanent hair loss.


Our true laser technology for hair removal works on all skin types and tones.

This technology allows the permanent reduction in hair growth of about 90%, however, hormonal fluctuation may contribute to hair growth again in small areas: less, finer hair, and lighter in color, which could require just touch-up treatments. 

The procedure

Clients usually describe it as a painful but bearable quick sharp pain and it depends on the stage of growth of your hair follicles and the area of the body.

For this treatment, you first need to shave or trim the hair in the area where you need the laser 24 hours before the procedure, to reduce the chance of irritation and skin burning. Doing this in advance, and not just before the appointment, allows the technician to see the hair follicle to target the laser.

The results can be appreciated after 2-3 weeks later. The standard recommendation is 6-8 sessions. Or 8-12 sessions to get the effect of Laser Hair Removal to the fullest.


Sessions should be spaced four to six weeks apart and each appointment lasts approximately 20 minutes.

  • The most effective technique for permanent hair loss.

  • Bearable quick sharp pain.

  • Cutting-edge technology.

  • A session lasts about 20 minutes.

  • Need a series of sessions to achieve ideal results. 

  • Avoid bleaching, waxing, or plucking the hair.

  • Follow the instructions before and after each session.

What to do before and after

each session

Come to your appointment with clean skin, without oils, creams, or lotions. Be sure to avoid, for 2 days before and after the treatment, retinol creams, glycolic acid, and scrubs. And for two weeks before and after the laser please avoid chemical peels and fake tan.

For longer-lasting effects avoid bleaching, waxing, or plucking the hair. Shave instead.

After lasered, avoid a hot shower, sauna, sun, or gym for 24 hours, as the laser continues acting during this period. Not obeying this could result in spots or infections in your skin.

After finishing the treatment, most of the clients do not see any hair in the lasered areas for several months or even years.

The Laser Studio & Beauty Clinic
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