These services are meant to bring relaxation to tight muscle tissues, release pressure points by breaking up muscle “knots”, sculpt your body through ultrasound or wooden tools to reduce cellulitis, and contribute to a faster healing process after surgery. 


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The Cavi Lipo Body Contour is a non-invasive method of body sculpting that uses ultrasound to reduce adipose areas and cellulite. The result of it is losing inches in a fast and secure way.

WoodSculpting, also known as Wood Therapy or Maderoterapia, is a non-invasive method of bodywork technique that contours and sculpts the body, activates the production of collagen and elastin, reduce cellulitis and improve blood circulation, with the use of wooden instruments. This technique helps to eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system while giving a buttocks lift in a natural way and producing a firming effect on the skin.

In the full-body massage, the therapist will massage the entire body during a session that last about 50 minutes. During this time the therapist work over all the major areas of the body like neck, hands, arms, feet, legs, shoulders, back and sometimes the scalp. And pectoral massage for men.  

Drainage Massage Post Surgery: helps the lymphatic system to get rid of toxic fluids that get accumulated in the body after surgery. Therefore, it alleviates pain, reduces swelling, contributes to a faster healing process after surgery, relieves stress, enhances the immune system, and minimize scar formation, among other advantages.


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